Game crashed during Valtan P1, locked out without rewards and progress

The game crashed right before killing the boss, and now I didnt receive a re-entry ticket, im guessing because the rest of the team progressed. How am i to get a work-around other than just skipping it for the week. Does that mean by design this is what will forever happen to a player if he happens to dc in some form? Its really not fair considering all my resources were still spent, locked from gate 1 and hence cant enter gate 2, its just a dead end. Please provide a reasonable solution or atleast confirm about the design as such so i can warn other players. Doubt many would take it in good light but it is what it is.


bump, same for me! Please help!

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Bruh there are people saying they won’t help us at all like how is it possible something not completed, you get locked out for disconnecting. That’s fucking dogshit

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we’re quite helpless at this point :confused: just have to “put up” with it since we wont have any reasonable solution. theres too many posts like these and its not just 1 post garnering enough attention to put pressure, unless maybe @Roxx drops by.

The only reason this exists is because they dont want people who bus/carry raids to help complete the raid, dc right before, and do it again without receiving a lockout. but its terrible for us players since the gold farm and accessories is a nightmare, and missing just 1 raid is a much bigger impact than you can imagine.

This is different, this is related to servers unplanned maintenance. More specifically Mari and other US west servers

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

In this case, when you get disconnected we have a system that takes care of providing tickets back when necessary, this is an automated system, we don’t have a way to provide the tickets manually, if it is the case that you didn’t receive a ticket, there’s nothing we can do, I apologize for the inconvenience, please check the post below for more information:

See you in Arkesia! :sunflower:

…On the eve of the maintenance of May 20, our team was raiding the difficult Baltan’s raid, dropped in the process of interrupting the copy, the system took away my legion times after the maintenance, I hope the official check compensation. My server is US West Valtan, id.shidezhiyaoyao

So people claim that weekly lock outs are to prevent people from bussing, then let me do Gate 2???

I disconnected right before Gate 1 was completed without getting any loot. So even If I did successfully bus I would still have access to Gate 2. This does not address the bussing issue but only disproportionally penalizes those that disconnect.

Why are devs so concerned with bussing when botting in this game does 100x more harm to the game? There are so many roadblocks put in place to prevent bussing when the result of such measures only serve to reduce the overall health of the game than to improve on it.

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Its really not fair. it was already mentioned on another thread that this was an issue identified and to be discussed on Monday (today). I cant believe you’re blaming me for mal-practice of some sort and hence i didnt receive the re-entry ticket after disconnecting. i hope a dev can go through whatever logs you may have to verify the same. the idea of spending money in the game to enter the raid and then this happens, its a serious message to other players that theres zero accountability, or compensation of any sort when the game’s systems are flawed. i hope you’ll revisit this thread as well as other genuine players who are facing the same issue.

you clearly have gold logs too to identify if this was me scamming a bus. you can also verify i didnt receive any gold or loot from clearing P1. what else do i have to do to justify my position?

cmon amazon just let us back in do your job it’s okay just do it, it’s not that hard should just take 10 minutes we don’t have claimed rewards and can’t re-enter

same here… support said they can do nothing… nice

Did Valtan Normal Clear with my Guild, game crashed during the Last Phase. Valtan died before I reconnect. No Rewards, No Re-entry Ticket. First week Valtan just died.

Welcome to the club, exactly what happened to me, customer support said if I didn’t get a ticket it means the system didn’t see it as an issue on their side, nothing they can do.

I can’t understand how a company like amazon can’t fix an error that’s plaguing this community since launch. Your ticket restoration system sucks balls, rarely even works outside regular dungeons, your netcode sucks as well and you have the audacity to blame the players for your own shortcommings. I’ve tested the connection issues you claim to be the reason behind those disconnects. My wife, who plays Lost Ark as well and uses the same connection has never had even a single disconnect or error, yet I get them regularly whenever we respawn after a wipe plus a healthy dosage of random ones.

We have identical rigs down to manufacturers, identical Windows and the same antivirus software. The only difference in settings which I noted yesterday is that she plays the game on full screen while I play in borderless windowed mode. I’m going to test if I get the same errors after switching to fullscreen, but if I don’t, there’s a ton of explaining for you to do, amazon, because that would mean ALL the disconnects were caused by your shitty coding rather than anything user-side.

Devs need to do something about this. Absolutely atrocious the response we got so far

best i can think of is the bots scenario. but i think it goes beyond and can be called a bug because many people who were inside for hours n hours, ONLY dc when boss is about to die, where screen freezes when he has some amount of hp (below 1 bar) and you dc. its prob the cutscene or something? idk. im not the tech guy

Update on my case. I got an automatic re-entry ticket for valtan.
I think I can entry the valtan raid twice next reset.

mail just came today

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This happened to me today as well. Like another user said earlier in this thread, I disconnected right before phase 1 finished with no rewards and no reentry.

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