Game crashed in Chaos Dungeon


I was just in chaos dungeon with 3 other people. When we were about to enter last floor, I noticed people started to leave the party as they pressed ‘Accept’ on pop-up to move forward. When I was left alone in dungeon, I wanted to progress through portal, and the game crashed for me too.

The error code displayed was: 105.

This was the first time ever game crashed for me.

I am not verifying integrity of files through steam and am trying to launch Lost Ark again.

EDIT: After integrity check, I was able to launch Lost Ark. I lost Aura of Resonance though, even though I haven’t completed the last floor of the chaos dungeon when the game crashed.

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Hi. Late, but I have the same problem since yesterday. My game crashes every time, I´ll enter a Chaosdungeon, with the 105 corrupted data error. Is there some working fix for this, it´s annoying af. :frowning: