Game crashed (lost connection to server) during Abyssal Raid, exceeded entry count now

Hi, I have been grinding all day being super hyped to do the abyss raid, i finally got to the point where i could go into the raid, but then my game just randomly said that it couldnt connect to the game servers while i was just literally in a call with friends and now my weekly entry count is exceed and i have to wait a week… like seriously… please i’m begging can i just get this weekly entry count reset, this is just so unfair my connection is always fine but only in this game its crashing. happened twice today during 2 different abyss raids.

Character name: Saabiine
Server: NA East, Vykas


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Hello @Saabiine i hope you are doing great.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum.

Apologies for any inconvenience, we continue to work on improving the stability in our server, it is an active process and we’ll working on it. Unfortunately there is not an available option to restore these missing dungeon entries, they will automatically reset with the weekly reset.

Thank you for your understanding.

Same here.
First time Argos like 10 seconds to P1 success.
I’d rather appreciate the loot than any reset since it’s been a pain to find a proper party. Is there a way?