Game crashed mid chaos-dungeon run,because of anti-cheat

Hi i was mid chaos dungeon run when the game crashed and gave me a error message from anti-cheat. I’ve never seen this error before, and now i’ve lost my progress on my chaos dungeon becuase of this. What can i do to fix this?

Hello @ajikan2015,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m so sorry to hear that you got disconnected in the middle of the Chaos Dungeon.

I understand how frustrating it is to get disconnected from the dungeon due to a connection issue, by any chance do you have the error message that you got?

Looking forward to your response! :cat2:

Unfortunately i did not tak a screen shot of it. Is there any other way you can see it?

The error message told me it detected some sort of error and that it was gonna close my game.

When you opened the game again did you get any other error message like this? Or this happened only on the chaos dungeon?

Also want to stress that I do not use a VPN, or had any other programs running besides YouTube on my other monitor. I rarely ever get game crashes. So this happening during a chaos dungeon run was a big surprise, and yes very frustrating indeed.

No other error message, game started up fine, but i found my character in the chaos dungeon with the time at 0 so it was an auto failure.

Hey @ajikan2015,

Thank you for replying.

I understand, since we don’t have the exact error message I recommend you to try some troubleshooting first, this is just to prevent this from happening again.

In case it happens again, please reach out to me on this thread and share the error message you got so we can further investigate what’s causing this, let’s hope this was just a one time thing, but just in case I’m here to help you.

Hope this helps! :sunflower:

Thank you i will be looking into this now. Just wanted to ask if there is any way to regain my 50 resonance lost on the chaos run crash? Or am I out of luck?

Unfortunately we don’t have the option to reset the aura of resonance nor any daily/weekly timer manually. I apologize for the inconvenience.

No worries I understand. I’ll just chalk it up to being unlucky. Thank you.