Game crashed missed the Seria Card

And when i tried relaunch the game it took 4 mins me to get in the game, and at that time merchant already gone. Please remove your useless EAC from game and code your own launcher. When you look at the number of bots and hackers it seems EAC doesnt do its job. So as a big company you should fire your useless worker right? Its the most logical thing to do right?

Tilted cus of a Seria card like there isn’t gonna be 4 more today lol. They have their own launcher in Korea. 4 mins to launch and crashing? Sounds like a PC issue and not game, me nor my friends have had those issues, so why be mad at them?

Guys, it happens and well … its Seria - merchant spawn 12 times/day and seria is like 45% of cases.

then you and your friends playing different games, i see a lot of people having game crash issues.

Hello @GoatBlade,

I’m very sorry about your crash during the game, I understand situations like this are very frustating.

We appreciate the feedback since this is how we improve here on AGS, I will make sure to pass it to the correct people and please have a nice day! :leaves: