Game crashed with Error 30005: Create File Failed With 32

I was on ghost phase of Valtan the game crashed with the error, I lost my entry since it was cleared. This wouldnt count as a server crash correct so I am out a ticket for G2 this week?

Hello @Silentslipperz,

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Sadly in this case you’re correct, since this is not a verified server error then we cannot provide you a new entry and you will need to wait for next week entry.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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Hi @Silentslipperz , this might be an EAC error (error 30005)
You could try to repair your install of EAC and see if that resolves your problem

Check out the link below and follow the steps in the Repair, Reinstall, Update, or Verify EAC drop down.
Troubleshooting EAC Issues - Support | Amazon Games

Good Luck and please do let us know how you go :+1:

it can be general issue @Wyvernn because i got the same error for no reason

I just restarted my PC and it was fine for me.

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