Game crashes alot more lately

The game crashes for me since the last update often and without any errormessage just closing the game.
Had no problems at all before.
Someone else has the same problem?


Yup same here, but I play through Geforce, imo it’s Geforce thats broken

I have Radeon so it’s not limited to Geforce.

Same thing here he freezes and kicks me out

Dunno what a crash is in this game, never happened.

Yes, stuttering, lag spikes, freeze. Not so much crashing.
Have abnormal CPU temps and CPU usage tho. 15c higher.

As if game is trying to fry my rig

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Same problem here since last update…also i did all those stpes:

  • game files verification
  • gpu drivers uninstall/install
  • windows update
  • gpu card verification (test 3d…)
  • nvidia uninstall/install
  • steam uninstall/install

So i’m out of option, also have to mention that’ive this problem ONLY wit lost ark, when i play other games all is good no crash.

Nos, still last option for me that’ll do this night, redownload the game. so i’ll eb back tomorrow to tell you because it takes me 14hours to do that u_u…

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Was noticing a significant increase in crashes recently as well. Specifically when loading areas.

What seemed to help me so far (not enough time to tell for sure yet), is setting the lost ark application to open as admin. Not sure if anyone else has had similar results.

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I had the same issue and I tracked it down to an issue with the sound drivers. If my headset would go into sleep, the in game sound would start acting up and any in game transitions, going into instance, changing characters, would cause it just to crash to desktop with no error.

Here i’m, so i’ve tried everything…even new windows installation and is till have this problem…i sent i ticket but no answer yet…can someone help us pls?

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I’ve been getting BSODs since the last update, not to mention the daily EAC offline disconnections.