Game Crashes Black Screen ASTA again 21.08

Game Crashes Black Screen


Like everyday at around the same time for the lat few days -.-


Yesterday was a insane Bot Wave with Mages …

The Bot´s strike back^^

Borgs are coming to us ^^

Price for Blue Crystal will Skyrocket :frowning:

Chaos Dungon playable going to yoyo now Black Screen again …

don’t know about the Bots, but right now the game is unplayable (again). This has been a reoccuring thing over the last few days… please fix this, ffs


yea its happening to me for almost every loading takes like 1 or 2 min to get me in



Fix Server exactly after Reset this Shit start again !

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Yea i just lost a chaos dungeon run because the time ran out while i was in black screen loading into the chaos dungeon??? THanks for that and i bet there wont be any compensation! :slight_smile:

Since last Week Patch is this every Day ! Time to make Compensations …

Game crashes, I get stuck in the queue when logging in repeatedly … Please Amazon do something about these bots …

This is just ubelievable… starting from square 1… with unacceptable logon times… boring long times during game… please get this fixed asap and for sure compensation is needed :slight_smile:

not quite certain how this is supposed to be related to bots. All other servers work find so are you implying only Asta got bots? Seems to me more like they (again) f-ed up Asta VM/server and cant seem to find the issue or (where my money would be on) dont even care.

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It’s only happening right after reset, it’s only a theory but I think that could be the case with all the screenshots of the bots at every mob spawn possible. But AGS will never give us an explaination for this. They will just silently throw a banwave at the server with next reset and then the bots will come back after 3 days and so on. So we have to live with this for 2 months again until they have something ready to get rid of them for a longer time again.

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That’s actually wrong. Yesterday it happened multiple times throughout the day.
What we can safely assume is that it is indeed not connected to bots but the server hardware itself, since this only happens on Asta and other Servers have huge amounts of bots again too.

But you know that the time can not run out as long as you dont move and if you lagg out without moving you dont lose your CD.

Thanks for making clear you do not know how this works

Theory on what facts, cause its for 24h after the reset.