Game crashes, compensation, fix?

Game has been crashing for days in the middle of runs. I hope we are due some serious compensation, I know it has cost me several chaos dungeons cause it is empty when you log back in. Why is this going unaddressed for almost an entire week? If this was an issue in your item shop you would have shut down servers immediately to fix…

The development team is aware of this issue and is looking into it. I’ve also moved this over to the support section so they can see what they can do.

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Greetings @hud & @Centeotl

I apologize you’re having this inconvenience with the crashes on the game while doing Chaos Dungeons.

We are aware of this issues with the game server crashing our team is working to resolve this , please use this Official News Post for any update on this topic :

Also in regards on the compensations you mentioned I understand you want know exactly what its going to be compensation or how this is going to be fixed but unfortunately we don’t have the exactly information about this at the moment but you can rest assure that we will handle the situation in the best way possible and as soon as we have an update we will let all of you know!

Thank you for your patience.

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Agreed. It is actually insane the number of DCs recently. Can’t go into a Legion Raid without at least 1 DC, causing numerous jails and wasted battle items. I DC’d 4 times today, twice in Vykas Normal within 5 minutes. 2 separate physical locations in NY state and different service providers. This is quite clearly a server issue.

When will we get more updates/clarity on resolutions and compensation? Because at this point several people I know are super depressed about Reaper coming out on Wednesday and being unable to make critical gold/materials. Not to mention losing out on tripod drops with the tripod update also coming up.

i agreed with this happens to me today, error spell something random kicks from the server and some lag spikes during vykas g3 but i managed to finish someway

I want to point you have accidentally sent pheons to our characters and that gets a 6 hour maintenance window to fix. Here have some pheons we know the game has been messed up lately. I woke up with my alarm to meet my clown party this morning and realize the server is down for 6 hours, the pheons are being taken away, and no fix for the disconnect issue, but to take away the pheons.

I just want you guys to realize how much you are slapping your player base in the face while we are trying to “roll with the punches”.

Greetings @Ramshield @confizzed13 & @hud

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I’m sorry you are also experiencing this issue with the game server crashes.

@hud in regards of your issue with the Pheons ,today , Lost Ark characters received an in-game mail about the upcoming changes to the Skill Tree Transfer System titled “Notice: Skill Trees”. This mail included rewards that weren’t intended to be sent along this message.

Starting at 5 AM PT /2 PM CET we’ll perform an unscheduled maintenance and the Lost Ark servers will be unavailable for 120 minutes. During this maintenance unclaimed mails titled “Notice: Skill Trees” will be removed from characters mailboxes, and unused items claimed from these emails will be also removed. Pheons claimed from these emails will be deducted as well.

You can find more updates on this Official News Post also :

Edit: Additionally, in regards of the compensations @confizzed13 & @Ramshield & @hud

I agree is not fair as well we are currently evaluating options for a make-good gift, and will provide an update within 24 hours on the compensation all players will receive.

You can see this was posted on our Official News Page:

We apologize for all the inconvenience , and we appreciate the patience.

Take care.
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