Game crashes over and over (G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT)

So, both of my chaos runs today did go to hell… I managed to get in the last sec of the second run. Got a few silver and 9 shards. Crashed on loading screen… Could only hear game sounds and black screen. I suspect 2 players cleared it. Due the other one was offline to when i was back.

I`ve had about 5 crashes now. But i put my character in my stronghold. So i could at least been online for 7mins now.

Can i ask for a Aura of Resonance?

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Same just lost one ID for chaos Dungen (

game keep crashing and getting this error:
Cannot connect to the server.Exiting the game [EAC Offline]

I think this is happening to many people :confused: happened to me twice in the last hour (maybe less), most recent one was in a chaos…

Same =(

Nvm… Crashed here to…

Didnt lose anything tho it’s pretty annoying.

It happened to me you will also do file validation

There’s something new the screen freezes and then he kicks me out of the game in the middle of a dungeon

Same thing happened to me, Got kicked out when I was in the and then a 2nd time while I was just running around in Feiton. Same error code.

There is already topic made about it, we are all suffering ;<

Same!! too scared to do any instanced content because of this

bump this one.
NA west mari.

Mari server
Same, I was logged out of my chaos dungeon also while I was loading the screen to change characters, I was also logged out and while in the market while trying to sell mats. I was kicked out 3 times in 30mins. Disappointed is an understatement.

I have the same problem…


Each time I am in the game a very short time, then the game freezes and then I get this message.

There was a notice at the bottom of screen saying that the servers are coming back down because of some issues… Maybe this is one of those issues?

Hello, keeping you up to date, the team is aware of frequent crashing disconnects and working on a fix. Thanks!


Do you guys have an update on this, or a confirmation that the devs are aware the issue still persists?

As for me personally it’s still persisting:
Both during Valtan pulls (disconnecting with this error when you’re supposed to be revived after a wipe, this was early last weekend) and today at the end of a Chaos dungeon.