Game crashes randomly without any error, for like a week!

Ztanks NA east Galatur

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Hello @holdervm,

Hope you having a great day! :grin:

I’m sorry to hear you have been experiencing crashes on Lost Ark.

Could you tell me if you receive any kind of error message? Could you please try the following troubleshooting:

Also this other steps:

  1. Close Lost Ark completely
  2. Force Stop Steam
  3. Run Steam as administrator
  4. Verify game files on steam (Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files)
  5. Restart PC
  6. Re-lunch Lost Ark

Let me know how it goes! :dizzy:

Ty for response i have done this every day for like a week it fixes it for like 30mins to an hour,also sent Dxdiag report to Amazon site, also no error message

Worked for 30mins…

Did you check your Windows Error reports for anything that may be related to the crashes?

If there is nothing on the dxdiag.txt then you may have another chance on the msinfo.
Just don’t post it here because it contains some private information and it can be fairly long. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello again, folks!

I see the crashes persist, also I see you have sent DXdiag so the developers take a deeper look. In that case we need to wait for an update on your case. You can give a shot to the suggestion of @Gulgir and also you are correct, do not post any kind of that information here since it contains private information.

I’ll leave over here the contact us link in case on some days you want to check any status of your case:

Hope this can get resolve soon, take care! :dizzy:

Still no new reply, uninstalled/reinstalled gpu no help rolled back gpu no help keep getting Kernelevent code 141 did many things to fix that, so im at the point unless someone helps i will be forced to quit the game im loving!!!
pls help anyone, also did What @Gulgir said also waiting for developers update!

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ty i kept getting a Kernelevent code 141 error did a lot of steps to fix no luck

Oh no… that error is frustrating to deal with because there are a lot of causes for it.
Are those Kernelevent errors keep happening after going through those steps?

I suggest using a software called DDU to completly remove the GPU driver and all the left overs.

Also if you are not sure how to do it then please don’t risk it.

Don’t use it everytime there is an update but to further pinpoint the exact issue it may help.

Here is the link to that sweet piece of software:

Also, how does your temperatures / voltages look like before the crashes?
Feel free to use any software to track those. I am using HWMonitor to keep an eye on it.

Please don’t post anything here, but a good snapshot of your temperatures and voltages may also be helpful to the devs.

I don’t want to interfere too much because it makes things harder for customer support.

Hope they find some lead and get back to you soon.

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Ty for all your help i think it was a heat issue, just by changing to full screen dropped temp from 90c to 40 has not crashed foe 2 hours knock on wood

Same here . I’m crashing in cities while opening up Chaos, Cube, Tower, Abyss…so frustrating.

Hello again folks,

Hope y’all are having a great day and sorry for the delay in my response! :smiley:

First let me thanks @Gulgir for taking the time to help us on this case, we really appreciate it you sharing those extra steps.

I’m glad to hear you didn’t got any further crashes @holdervm.

@Dokkenfrost, I’m sorry you got into this problem also, please try all the steps above and if it doesn’t work contact us with the link above.

Have a good one adventurers! :crossed_swords:

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Awww that’s nice of you Nokk,
i try to help where i can however my sources are limited to my expirience in the past on other games. Your FAQ section is fairly slim to look for solutions and adding the fact that Steam is also involved, makes it even harder. With that being said i am limited to technical issues which are not related to the game.
Most issues are in game issues and i obviously can’t provide any assistance there, although i’d love to and seeing that CS is pretty fast in responding in this category of the forum, most people are better off with you guys anyway.

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