Game crashes randomly

Lately the game will crash on me without any sort of error or issue.
There is no specific content I’m running when it crashes, not a specific map, it happens while idle in the city or in a dungeon, in Punika or Feiton… The game just closes down, there is no error message or sorts. I can restart it right away without problems, and of course it bothers me when I lose a DG entrance but that’s it…
Any idea what might be?

I have some times the same issue.
i have reinstall, the game, windows, update all driver, make clean boot, many things to repair it, but some times crash and restart my PC.
Its frustrating when it happends when i am in gated (time, daily use, ticket …) content.

Got the same problem here, tried to reinstall, updated every single driver i have. Still random crashes. Sucks alot when u do pvp 3vs3… Now im locked out for 19min

again crassed when i enter to chaos dungeon in T3… 1 daily enter lost… again…