Game crashes using controller and virtual keyboard

Since the new patch has rolled out on March 10, the game now crashes whenever the virutal keyboard pops up in the aunction house.

How to recreate problem:

  1. Use controller
  2. Enter aunction house
  3. Register any equipment item (ring, armor, weapon etc)
  4. Click on market value
  5. Click search
  6. Scroll through pages
  7. Virtual keyboard pops up. Crash

I am using PS5 controller on windows desktop.


they have to put some way to disable

Please reach out and open a ticket. I’ve opened a ticket for it.

Customer support already acknowledged this yesterday there was a thread about it. They said they are aware and escalated the issue as high priority to the devs because of how impactful it is.

Can you link the post from customer support?

I’m also experiencing this issue. Crashes every time.

Here I found it. It’s so damn annoying I keep forgetting and crashing the game.