Game Crashes When I Attempt to Load Character

My character, Serverfault, is ironically experiencing an issue with the servers. It first happened when I got the Arthetine Ark and then the quest tried to transport me to Trixion. The game crashed, and now will not allow me to load in again. I already verified the game files in Steam and that hasn’t resolved the issue.

yep I played the Song of Trixion to go there, game crashed, and now I can’t even get back on that character without the game disconnecting me immediately.

Yeah, same problem. Going to trixion breaks my character. They moved my character to fix, but once I song to go back, locked out again.

Odd problem since going to Trixion is necessary part of game and haven’t had issue going there countless times before.

Dbrickashaw on Enviska

The update seems to have resolved this issue.