Game crashes when loading into Oreha's Well dungeon(The story dungeon not abyss)

I was running Punika MSQ on an alt, a Striker and tried to enter the dungeon Oreha’s Well near the end of the questline. While loading the game shut down immediately. I have tried loading back in a few times and can’t even access the character now because it quits while loading. All of my other characters are seemingly fine and can be played.


Hi @AmbiMistake

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I’m very sorry for the issue you are experimenting with Lost Ark.

In this case please try to verify the integrity of the games files to confirm if there is any file that are corrupted and need to be repaired.

Here is the link with the steps to do it:

Hope this information help you!

I’ll be waiting for your reply to confirm is the issue persist. :wolf:

can u guys please stop giving these dumb automated messages … please get a capable IT team to battle tech support issues cus i have no see an single capable person answer a question with a decent solution

if your running an RTX card like a 3080 or something simulair try going back to 511.23 and see if it helps it stopped me from crashing