Game Crashing at Umar Sculpture/Ancient Pass

I was progressing through the Yorn storyline and sometime after the first dungeon, there’s one of those instanced story missions where i’m helping a dwarf, after progressing through to a point where he provides a buff that damages enemies i’m required to destroy some debris to continue.

Every time I approach this debris my game crashes, and now i’m at the point where even trying to enter the game as this characters results in the game crashing to desktop on the loading screen I assume because it’s trying to load me into the little area that results in a crash.

Hello @Facade,

I’m sorry you’re having issues with game crashing at a perticular area.

As of now we are investigating game crash reports since few players are effected by this if any update on this I will post here.

Alternatively if your not being able to enter the game i can go ahead and move your character to a different area/location of your choice so it can load smoothly is that okay with you?

If yes i would need your character name and server name please.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks for the quick response, it’s nice to know i’m not the only one affected.

I would appreciate it if you could move my character to Vern Castle if possible so I can at least log in for dailies

the character’s name is: facadevidya
server: Thirain on EUC

Unfortunately Vern Castle is not an option for us to move your character but I was able to move it to prideholmes, kindly check now this should resolve your issue.


Just logged in with the same character in Prideholme. Thanks for the help

Hopefully this specific crash is resolved at some point as it’s the only thing separating me from T2 :pray:

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I did a fresh install of the game and turned off steam-overlay, two things I’d seen fix similar crashes and can confirm that I made it past the very specific spot I was crashing at.

Hopefully anyone reading this with a similar issue can find in a solution in either/both of those.