Game crashing on AMD GPU's

I made a post about this before and I just seen a new Driver update had just been released on the 1/12/2022 and I was wondering if anyone who’s installed them had any problems, I checked the notes on the update and seen there was nothing about a fix.

trend wise what i have seen is most AMD topics are using newer driver version and its causing different issues but once people downgraded back to 2.21 or w.e the version was its fixed.

So its something AMD has to fix on their side

2.21? What exactly are you talking about? Because I tried 22.5.1… 22.5.2… before that, later and the PC freezes continue, only and exclusively in the lost ark.

im using 22.7 July its working good for me , and nothing latest is doing ok, different problems with game with complete frezes of PC or problem with chorme :smiley: all the weird things.
My card is RX 5700 XT its getting old and maybe will not try new drivers anymore.

I was actually having issues with getting blue screens while playing Lost Ark. The ongoing trend with the latest AMD drivers is that they have quite a handful of problems that you may or may not experience, my suggestion would be to revert to whatever driver they have listed as recommended. Also check the release notes and see if they have problems listed for your specific GPU.

The version entirely depends on your GPU, but in my case I reverted from the 22.11.1 driver back to the 22.5.1 driver (released in April 2022) and my problems have gone away.

yep maybe this is the best for your card, 22.5 should be May but nvm. I also had weird complete PC freeze and I’m sure it was from the drivers.

yeah I am using 22.5.1 from the last driver release, but this new one says nothing about any fixes with lost ark and now these drivers I am using are crashing other games well I assume they are

Other games are crashing with the latest too, it’s just AMD drivers being AMD drivers. Try to avoid updating when there’s nothing otherwise wrong with it, or remember what version you last used so you can roll back.

They got into the market competng with nvidia because of “lower prices”. Well, with lower prices comes lower quality. Intel and nvidia are expensive for a reason.

Intel and NVIDIA user here and I get crashes here and there too. Usually a few seconds after loading screen and my PC is at the mid high range.

never had issues and i use an rtx 3060 on a mid high end pc, more towards high specs. i would suggest not playing full screen tho, as lost ark itself has a very bad handle when alt’tabbing

I run 3060 ti with an 11700k windowed borderless and still get occasionally crashes. Some days I play with crashes and other days no problem at all. So I’m guessing the game is quite faulty for certain players?

if by crashes you mean ingame error + game shutdown then they have been around for the last 3 or more weeks. EAC problems. there’s a ton of topics bout it.

If it just crashes you pc, you may want to change some settings in how your card handles the game. did you set options for lost ark or set it to auto choose settings while using the 3060?

How do I do that? The latter

there’s a few guides on youtube about “best graphic settings for lost ark nvidia”.

That said, start from checking the integrity of the card itself. Is it clean inside the case? are the fans enough to cool down the gpu? do you have problems on any other games?

once checked that, right click the nvidia icon bottom right and instead of geforce experience select nvidia control panel.

Last, try let geforce experience optimize your lost ark before launching, then downgrade the graphics settings as needed (medium shadows is already a good step)

I’ve tried all that and doesn’t seem to fix it completely. Just had 1 crash earlier after the first 5 minutes of logging in and to the stronghold. Settings aren’t maxed, only character detail and quality are set at high, everything else is at low

Omg, I thought I was the only one! I’ve got rtx 3060 and after I updated my GPU to the latest driver. I started having issues with lost ark. My screen would freeze randomly and I had to close the game from task manager completely.

Currently playing Borderless and Will try to play Fullscreen for a couple of days to see what might happen.

If you have win 11, fullscreen alttab doesnt go well with lost ark

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