Game crashing randomly

Hello, im issuing last 4 days of playing lost ark one problem, at any random point and random time game crashes and just closes itself to desktop without any errors. This problem i have only with lost ark, i’ve already tried so many things to fix this, but nothing seems to help

Fresh windows 10
fresh drivers
game files verified
windows updated
interned wired \ good connection
no vpn
video driver settings reset
no overlays

I can play sometimes 5+h without any crash, sometimes it crashes every hour…
sometimes i noticed game crashesh when i interact with object or npc.

16gb ram
game on m2ssd
i5 8400
temps are good, 40cpu 60-65gpu

Hello! :mage:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing randon crashes during your gameplay. As i see, you have already tried all the basic troubleshooting. In order to be able to obtain the best assistance, i would recommend that you go ahead and contact our Live Chat support. they’ll be able to raise a web ticket for you to get the most complete assistance possible. They may ask for your game logs and your DxDiag in order to be able to examine your specific situation. To contact them, please follow this link:

I hope this helps!

I’m receiving full black screens within a minute to a few minutes of entering the world, character select is fine, which require manual restart after playing first days completely fine before global release.

It’s also corrupting my graphics drivers.

Ryzen 3800x
Radeon 6800xt

I’m starting to think we must wait for a patch as I have:
Updated my bios/drivers
Switched it all to very low in all in game settings

Hello, ill contat for sure
for now seems like dx9 did help and no crashesh, but i don’t think that is perfect solution

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nvm, dx9 didn’t help
I contacted amazon support live chat, they told me that they created ticket for me, but i dont see nothing about it, even any confirmation mail.

I cant literally play the game anymore, nothing seems to work, i waited 8 hours in queue today after work to play atleast couple hours but got crashed again after 20min of gameplay to be back again in 15k queue…

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solution for me
Upgraded cpu to alder lake i5 12600k
previous was loaded 100% while game was open, so far no crashes.