Game crashing when enter pvp

in 1 hour my game crashed 4 times when was traying to play 3v3. lost mmr and guess team mates were preety pissed of as well. worth noting that when i was traying to reconect asap i was gettin another info that game is “i cant have 2 account online at the same time” and disconected again. this clown fiesta started after last maintnence.

Hi @kazi0wichura999 Welcome to the Forum! :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day and I’m sorry that you experience this issue with the game.

I Just want to confirm if you already checked the Steam files after this issue, if not here is the link just in case:

Thanks in advance for the information. :sparkles:

i tried the integrity check, same problem. then i unistaled game and steam redownloadet both. its still the same as before. i can sit afk in town or roam the pve zones for hours but after i wanna play what i actually wanna play i get deced ussually in 3rd pvp match. ( iam playing 3v3 dethmatches)
are there other possible solutions?