Game crashing within 3 mins

hello, my game keeps crashing every 3 mins ingame I tried all the fixes on the forums and youtube and still not working, reDownload the game 3x too hope you can help me fix it.

thank you

Hi @markymark9811

I’m so sorry for the crashing issue you are having with Lost Ark.

Since you have done some troubleshooting steps and nothing works for you, please try this steps I’m gonna share with you and check if you have done this too or not.

Here is the link:

This link is for error message decoded:

This link is for connection issues:

This link is for issue with EAC:

If you have done all these steps and the game still crashing within 3 mins please contact our live support channel in to help you further and create a ticket to the Devs team and they can investigate the issue.

Here is the link to contact live support channel:

Hope this information help you! :wolf: