@Game Devs/CM Stop Being Silent and give us Solutions

About 2 months ago I made a post about how inflation is absolutely killing Lost ark in 3/5 regions. Resulting in a massive wall for players specifically new and F2P players to get past.
I hoped that I would at least get some response from a CM, even a half-baked one saying they’re working on a solution but instead there was nothing.

Events are great but they do not fix the underlying issues.

NAW crystal prices are about to break 4k and will probably be around 4.5k for Abrel release. SA is at 5.2k and will continue rising. This is unacceptable negligence on your part.

All I want to know is are you guys working on long-term solutions for these issues? Have you given up on them? Just any type of acknowledgment besides radio silence.

The only real thing I can assume is happening is the solutions that would work to stop inflation would stop generating the company as much money so they’re off the table, if that’s the case please just give us a region xfer at this point so we have the option to not be apart of this hellscape.