Game disconnect on Argos P1 Finish

I know i’m not the first one who experiences this i guess but this was beyond annyoing.

It happens from time to time that you get a game disconnect for unknown reasons during a chaos dungeon or a guardian raid. You just suck it up because it’s not that big of a deal, considering you can do that content daily.

Now today we finished argos p1 for the 2nd time and i was all happy to buy my bonus loot, so i could continue with my set and prepare to maybe get into p2 next week.

After we finished p1 we get teleported to the next zone and then my game disconnects so i end up with nothing, while being locked out for the week.

Is there any ways to open some sort of support ticket? Disconnecting on guardians/chaos i can deal with, but on something that you can only do once a week is a real dealbreaker for me.


I understand the anger of disconnect, but Im at 590 hours of playtime playing with 10 characters, and have never disconnected once, so Id look at problem on your computer side.

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nah bro a lot of people have been getting DC’d from tons of instances today like Argos & chaos gates. I’d guess that’s why they are having maintenance

If the problem is today, then yeah that is possible, but judging from his post he is getting disconnected all the time and not only today.

Same thing happened to me last week, i got disconnected after killing phase 1.
I logged back on and saw that i got no loot and my weekly entry was gone.
I made a ticket and the support didn’t care.

Sadly, T3 endgame bug is not a priority for them.

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