Game does not close completely v2

I am not able to restart Lost Ark without rebooting the computer. The process LOSTARK.exe does not die when I exit the game even after waiting 10 minutes. Killing the process with task manager declares “Access is Denied”, even with admin privileges.

Game works Just Fine, but it just can not be terminated.

lostark.exe is the only game that does this and I have gone through quite many on this computer.

Computer is updated with latest patches, drivers are updated, steam verifies that all installed files ok.

Any ideas what is going on? My Google-wu does not yield any usable results.

This is an issue already existed in beta and I had all but forgotten about it. Back then it wasn’t just me having this issue. See: Game does not close completely (no, reinstalling doesn’t help).

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If you ended up here with the same problem, please post your findings to Game does not close completely, issue carried over from Beta . It’s the post currently liked to a ticket devs “are going to have a look at”.

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