Game doesn't open anymore after UPDATE 30/06/2022

hello guys , I’m writing here as title said my game won’t open anymore after the update of yesterday 30/06/2022 . The problem that i have is i’m running lost ark as always it does the anticheat and then won’t open . I try to do a troubleshooting via steam it said one of the file is corrupted and will be remove and install again , so i did and still won’t open . I have toi say I play the game yesterday night after update without any issue . This thing is from today , anyone has my same problem ? Any suggestion ?

Windows 7?

no i have windows 11 everything been update to date , but as i said i play the game from day 1 without any issue

Yes some document is missing at the time of the new update. You need to access the support they will take care of you. It happened to me too

so do i need contact support ? and explain everithing to them ? OMG so annoying

Yes they will tell you steps of fixing it. Go to the “Game Support” forum

there is a chance if you can link it ? I will appreciated

You need to upload a picture of it so they know what document is missing

I just came to help successfully!

thank you anyway i contact the support let s see

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