Game economy will broken by robots issues

About 2 weeks ago, a ton of robots show up on many servers. The materials price keeps increasing a lot, that is so crazy. I only have one account, and I can make 4k ~ 5k golds in a week. Before that, at least I can buy something every week, but now, I can buy nothing. The game economy is keeping broken if you guys do nothing.
I spend my money in Mari store to get honing material, but they get cheaper from gold seller, that is not fair.
If you don’t have a solution, I can give you one. DO NOT just punish the person who sells the gold, Do hard Punish the person who buys the gold from them. I heard some people do not really care about “buying the gold” because gold buyers only get banned for 3~7days. And also, they just get a warning with many chances, WTF? They do not really care, okay? so, just give them a permanent banned, and send them to hell. All right?

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Bots make materials cheaper so with them on your region you should be able to get more mats for your gold.

Sadly you are wrong. In short term you might be true, but in the long run more gold means inflation which leads to higher prices

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Seriously? I am pretty sure your economics course got F in college. Bots making More gold means your gold is under devaluation. “Keep Printing money” cannot make a country to be rich, understand?

I don’t need economics class to figure this out: If bots farm material-> there is a lot of that material-> prices go down because source is higher than demand. You get more mats for your gold. If you don’t see that I’m afraid your class is failing you.

Ye that’s how it is a it sucks. The higher the mat prices and the gold u can make are pretty much equally going up and down while honing stays the same. 40 gold guardian crystals were alot better than the 6 gold they’re now

Bots would need to be generating gold for gold to devalue. Bots farming a bunch of mats and adventurer’s tome collectibles isn’t gold generation.

What are you talking about? Bots farming mats for what??? The answer is for gold and cash, that is the same thing.