Game Error 105 since patch


since todays content patch I keep on crashing with Error 105.
The crash happens always in Chaos Dungeons when going from the 2nd stage to the 3rd Stage (at around 50-60%). I had it happen 2 times on my main (Petina) and another time on one of my alts (Petinca). 2 other alts were fine doing the chaos dungeons. Server is Procryon EU Central.

I can get the game working again when verifying the integrity of game of files in Steam, but this is a concerning reoccurence of that issue - the entry to the chaos dungeon also gets lost during this. I’ve never had that error happen before todays content patch and today 3 times.

Kind regards,

Good luck getting any help with your problem. I haven’t been able to play the game at all for the last 4 weeks because of error 105, and SG has done nothing to resolve it.