Game feels clunky. All abilities stop the player before casting

and a lot of them stop the player AFTER casting as well which is just dumb. like wardancer spinning kick

if it’s not a channeled or casted spell, why the heck is it stopping movement

feels really bad. no idea why they made it this way

whole game is stuttery. compound that with the abysmal implementation of spell queueing which only works SOME of the time and you have a garbage gameplay experience

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This is a dumb criticism, and not an actual issue with the game. You want this to be some kind of console action RPG; it isn’t and never will be.

Play something else, this game isn’t for you.

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The heck? Which class are you even playing? XD

any of them

Guess then you don’t know how to use a keyboard and mouse. Combat in this game is just perfect and well made.

obviously you’ve never played a good game

go into league of legends. use lee sin

dash to someone

come back to this game

try dashing and realize this game decides you need to WIND UP for .25 seconds before moving, then upon arriving you lose another .25 seconds before you cast another spell or can move

this game blows chunks compared to other games

Maybe play some swift classes and pick the right tripots.

Sure there is some animation locking and you can only spacebar animation cancel a few skills, but overall the combat still feels pretty fluent. But again experience may vary on each class.

My only complain is PvP, where its basically a floor simulator if you dont play a class with high mobility and lots of push immunity skills. The game would greatly benefit from some better break free options out of CC. Maybe immunity potions, better stand up skill time reduction options or whatever.

take the right tripods? like the ones that say “cast 20% faster?”

that doesn’t help one bit. the spell needs to be cast 100% faster for it to feel right

20% doesn’t change how the spell feels AT ALL unless it’s an actual casted spell that takes 2 seconds of your time standing still

on spells that SHOULD be instant, you’ll still get the exact same stutter when you use it and you’ll still get dumpstered by the pizza that your skill was built to allow you to dodge because the game decided nah, you aren’t allowed to instantly move places when you hit a button, you need to WAIT FIRST

All I can say is that I disliked my deathblade during leveling for feeling too clunky and now that it has most gems, tripots and right stats its my favorite alt to play in guardian raids. It feels amazingly fluent and makes dodging mechs/attack patterns and repositioning for back attacks so much fun.

and all i can say is

the human component of a game already has a reaction time built in. you have to see a stimulus, decide what it is, then hit the right button to respond to it

adding an extra “your character knows you hit the button and now has to do 8 frames of animation lock before he moves” feels terrible

they need to get rid of this garbage

oh and that’s on top of network latency as well

so even worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno never encountered that problem. As I said probably depends on my experience with the classes I played. My main sorc feels a bit clunky at times cause its an igniter, so you have some more animations locks and ability wind ups than on other classes. Thats why I consider switching to piano reflux when ancient gear releases.

My Berserker feels a bit clunky too with some animations locking me a few frames more than I would wish. However dblade, arcanist and pala all feel flawless.

pick any of your characters

grab what you consider to be an “instant” spell

use it

immediately hit another spell

you’ll see that there’s a delay. it will either not cast the other spell at all, or it will cast the spell after a short period. this short period is known as spell queueing. in other games it works 100% of the time and you don’t have to guess whether your spells will be casted or not

now use a mobility skill

you will now be tuned in to “feel” the delay, because mobility skills aren’t coded any different from regular spells

you’ll feel the .25 second delay after hitting the button before it moves, then you’ll feel the .25 seconds after it moves before any other skill is casted

if you still can’t feel it, good for you i guess [shrug]

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Lol I played league of legends for 11 years. I came to lost ark and decided to not going back to League of legends again.

league is mechanically more responsive in every way

it has the polish this game will probably never have because they built it wrong

What a total BS, majority of League picks are having skills that are requiring your character to stop. You can make that argument about anything like “game feels clunkier than my desktop screen in windows because if I am clicking on a folder it opens instantly, but doomsday on sorc has to be casted”

no one said a word about doomsday

Are you going to argue about overexaggerated case that I thinked about to show absurdity of this thread?

you brought it up

now you don’t want to argue it?

maybe think before you type then?