Game feels clunky. All abilities stop the player before casting

still doesn’t change the fact that you joined this thread to argue, and still haven’t provided a single spell example that is truly “instant” and doesn’t stop you from moving or casting another spell

cool story bro

This is by design. It means learning which skills you can get off quickly and using the skills with long anim times at the right moments. You can also use your spacebar to anim cancel long skills if the need arises. Also like others have mentioned your character usually becomes much more easier to use with a higher level build. CD’s will be shorter and in some cases skills quicker to get off.

fixed that for you

I mean if you don’t like it that’s fine. Personally I like that I have to plan carefully my skill order and that with some skills they’re situational. If I’m doing the same raids every day/week I want to engage my brain at least a little :joy:

Comparing a MOBA to an mmorpg and bitching there’s differences :joy:


considering the moba feels better and there’s no reason the mmorpg can’t feel the same, why not bitch?


If all skills were instant I think this game would get very dull very quickly. There would be hardly any variety between classes. For example Destroyers long anim times on skills make them hard to hit but when you do its very satisfying. If it was instant not only would he be crazy OP but his gameplay would feel stale.

i didn’t say ALL skills should be instant

i said the instant skills should at least be

If a skill isn’t instant there’s likely a good reason. Instant skills in this game tend to be weaker and rightfully so. If there’s a delay its likely that skill benefits you more than an instant one.

coded poorly. that’s the reason

all instant spells SHOULD BE INSTANT

all casted spells are the ones that should not

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If its not instant its not an instant skill :joy:

then this game has no instant spells

and it’s the reason why it feels like garbage

the end

There’s a ton of instant cast skills though. I find a good tip is to go through you mains skills and make a note of which are instant cast and which have long anims. That way you won’t make the mistake of using the wrong skill in a given situation.

name one

log in the game and cast it while moving

you’ll see that you stop and cast it

that means it’s NOT instant…

Deadeye’s dextrous shot and quick shot. Glaivier’s spiralling spear and cutting wind. There’s a huge number of quick cast skills.

quick is not instant

Have you considered it might be your connection? I find it to be pretty quick on mine

“pretty quick” is not instant either

then go back to League