Game Freeze in Co-Op Sailing Events

In the sailing co-op, the game will freeze and crash during the Treasure Salvage. This is unacceptable, especially when some of us can only make one of the times a day, and essentially get locked out unless we want to use an Una’s completion (for the daily). For rewards we’re essentially SOL. This is now the third time it’s happened to me, with no crashes any other time. Can this be addressed, along with the myriad of other game crashing bugs (I’m looking at you EAC).


i’ve been complaining about this for weeks, they will do nothing about it. i’ve missed like 6 or 7 now, just because of freezing, doesnt even matter if i mash q or not.


i dont know if they are too busy trying to figure out how to fix the timers or what. but this is fucking up peoples ability to do vital farming. pirate coins are not easy to grind, these event are important.

I just starting experiencing this after latest weekly update and this is causing me to miss my daily una task i want to do while also missing coins I could be collecting with the key due to how long the game loads and everything.

  1. LFG for sailing co-op.
  2. Show up to waiting area
  3. Sailing co-op event is initiated
  4. Lost Ark crashes.
  5. Log back on to find group has kicked me. LFG again.
  6. Making it just in time to starting area of first sailing co-op.
  7. Lost Ark crashes again.
  8. Steam crashes.
  9. Restart Steam and Lost Ark.
  10. Wait in 6k queue.

My R9 Nano runs this game just fine on Windows 10 and all drivers are up to date. It’s specifically this event that consistantly and constantly crashes to the point it is impossible to even attempt.

I am at a complete loss on what to do. I guess I’m never getting Astray. I can’t even complete this quest for the first time so I can just Una Instant complete it.

Well, I could always do what everyone in area chat suggests and just Alt-F4. Lovely, helpful community, Arkesia. Hard to take a joke when you can’t even enjoy the game with the rest of the players, even if you want to.