Game freeze on Ealyn rapport quest

I currently cannot play on my main character, due to a freeze that’s occurring when trying to do a rapport quest for Ealyn. I’m not sure the name of the quest but you’re at the adventurers guild in Rania and Ealyn teleports you to Ancient Elveria. As soon as that happened my game froze.

I have attempted to restart the game multiple times and have even restarted my PC but this does not fix it at all. Every time I have tried to load back into the character it tries to load me into this zone for the quest. This means I cant play since I come across the freeze each time, I’m simply stuck on this screen if I try to play. I have submitted a support ticket to Amazon however they seem to be busy and have not yet got back to me with a resolution. I’m wondering if anyone has had an issue with this quest or any ideas to help me fix it. Anything is appreciated right now. :frowning:


Same issue is happening to me as well.

i contacted live support GM, he’ll have to move you to a city and you’ll be able to login

That would be amazing. Thank you so much. Should I avoid doing the quest until I’m sure its been fixed? Also for future issues how is it you were able to contact them?

Having same problem here, is the quest just bugged forever?


someone knows if its fixed?

still bugged last night, any eta on fix?

Still need to be fixed…
Please reset my Location.
(And finish this Quest for me ^^ This Bug is too old and stops the progress of that NPC)
Thanks in advance!

Name: Gâdjahmada
Region: EU Central, Wei
Class: Sorceress
Level 53