Game freezes if controller disconnects

Hasn’t been completely reliable so far, but I’ve had the game freeze on me two days in a row if my controller cable has any interference and disconnects. I think this may have happened to me once before as well last week but that I’m not as confident in.

This sort of happens to me as well. This is the only game where my controller disconnects regularly (wifi adapter).
When it disconnects the game screen sort of goes black and looks like I’m alt-tabbing away from it. Goes into windowed mode, then comes back (most of the time - occasionally it’ll crash the entire client).

Thank you for bumping this thread. Sorry it hasn’t been responded to sooner. I’ll let the team know that controller disconnects causes the client to crash. Thanks!

There’s also a perhaps related bug where my window will miniaturize/go black for about two seconds before popping back. This happens fairly regularly and perhaps is connected to the windows blue light filter (as it will sometimes turn this filter off when it occurs).