Game froze in chaos dungeon red portal

Was doing 1415 chaos dungeon on my main, finished 2nd room and red portal opened up but as soon as i went in game froze. Waited for about 10 min for it to unfreeze but nothing happened so i force closed it, tried logging back in but got stuck on black screen after selection char.
Relogged for 3rd time went in into my alt and switched chart in game, it finally went in but i was out of my chaos, lost the aura of resonance and didnt have the rewards for the parts that i managed to finish.
TLDR: game bug/froze during red gate in chaos dung and kicked my out losing both entrance and rewards (and it was a red portal too :frowning: )

Server: NA-east Regulus
Character: Kirenna

Same problem on EU, happened 2 times to me. I think its because of a certain Boss. Had 3 red portals while doing infinite Chaos and one Boss was not bugged.
1445 Chaos Dungeon.

Same thing happened to me earlier today on NA West. 1415 chaos dungeon, got a boss portal. went into it and once I moved and the boss would have spawned the game instead froze. Never recovered, couldn’t even force close the game had to restart my computer. By the time I was back in the chaos dungeon had expired. Sounds like it is indeed related to the boss portal and probably a specific boss.

This is a known issue and was posted under notice annoucement: [Notice] Haiger's Manor and Rielvarr Ruins endless loading screens

Hello Adventurers! I hope you are well.

I’m sorry to hear that your character is stuck, our team is currently working to fix this problem.

We understand the issue that all of you are experiencing and we are aware of it, if you are stuck and can’t seem to recover from the loading screen please reach out the Support team via web ticket Contact Us | Amazon Games and we will work to unstuck your character manually, please be patient while we work on solving this issue.

Further updates will be given in this post only: [Notice] Haiger’s Manor and Rielvarr Ruins endless loading screens

This post will address all problems with stuck characters, not only the zones listed there!

I hope the information helps, Farewell!

If you are aware and the problem persists, can we get some sort of compensation? Ive lost 3 entranced already…

while acknowledging the problem is nice players need compensation!

Hello I had the same problem today, what about compensation ?

Today i lost another two entries.

This is absurdly

How do you plan to compensate players?

Hey there,

What’s the best way to document if we’ve lost a run to this so we can get a re-entrance ticket (assuming the 24 hour ticket grant does not kick in)?


Hello Everyone,

Currently the only option to review this issue is to reach out the Support team via web ticket Contact Us | Amazon Games .

In case the disconnection happened due to a verified server outage or problem the entry ticket should be reinstated in 24 hours after the disconnection.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!