Game froze to black screen. Restarted and now can't log on server. Error: "Guide: An error has occurred. Exiting the game"

Anyone have a fix for this? I can log on other servers but have no characters on them


I’m stuck in the same problem…


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Server: Galatur
Character: Mythie

im on galatur as well

I’m getting the same error Galatur Server

I’m also experiencing the same thing

Also on Galatur

Same here on Galatur.

so maybe this is a server issue

I’m gonna try and my a toon on a different server

Same here.
Character: Winterwinds

I got kicked while in a raid on galatur :frowning:

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Same here

same Galatur…

So our server must be down

Depending on the length of down time, I’d be curious what kind of compensation will be available for lost time…

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Same for Galatur was leaving some instanced content and left it for 5~ish minutes on the black screen and thought it was just stuck.
Restarted game and it just goes to this and then closes.
If I go to another server like Kharmine it connects and goes to character creation, but just goes to this error when trying to get to Galatur.

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seems like it is server specific. I tried another one and was able to move past the log in.

keep dreaming pal

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