Game Guides - We need this type of information

This unknown content creator is great, very clear detail explanation with examples of the few game mechanics:

Better than many of the known and popular content creators.


FYI, it is a playlist, look at the others that are interested in mechanics explanation.

You should probably make sure the video that gets show isnt the random poem and instead one of the good guides he does if you wana make a point lol.

I can edit my post.
lol, yes the cheesy poem, the playlist is from the content creator himself.

I actually kinda like the poem , made me smile a bit, and the video is nice for a 2 min introduction to a guide playlist.

But I’ve had to listen to hours of things like Microsoft presentations on their stuff in a perfect monotone hours long speech which is really good if you want to go to sleep in 2 minutes so maybe my expectations are skewed

Edit: Haven’t checked the guides themselves so won’t comment on their quality yet

Updated my post to list the 101 guides separately.