Game is crashing since the new update

Since this morning, I have crashed during loading screens. Not all the time but it’s been when I’ve tried loading in to the 2nd level of a chaos dungeon, a different part of a city, my stronghold, and the Arkesia Grand Prix event. Even when switching characters. Verifying my game cache does not seem to have worked. The game worked perfectly fine since launch until this new update.

yeah im crashing pretty randomly now but im lucky if i get to play for more than 10 minutes. im over this piece of crap. and AGS just sucks, their version of “trouble shooting” and “helping” is no different with New World, and oddly enough its a lot of the same problems. So my final conclusion?

AGS just doesn’t know how to actually deal with games other than taking the customers money and throwing scripted responses back at the customers when there’s problems on how it should be fixed or its just the customers PC… I’ve even gone as far as formatting and just putting steam and lost ark on here and its the same problems. and its the only game i have these issues with.

I think it’s fixed now that I updated my graphics card. I guess I should’ve done that sooner although I didn’t have a problem with the game until the new hotfix. Game feels smoother, no stuttering, and most importantly, no crashes now.