Game Is Gonna Die From Bugs/Queue Times

Character: Vesaloth
Server: Vykas
Dungeon: Both Phantom Palace Dungeons T1

They have weekly reset bugs happening from Abyssal Dungeon bugs to Stronghold Bugs to Queue Times. This game is going to die as quickly as New World if none of these things are fixed or compensated for.

What worrys me is server numbers/capacity at launch… it feels like an exact take on New World… No where near enought servers on day one, especially on Europe… It’s like they astimate only based on pre order… And this time round it’s a f2p game… So a lot of people will not have pre ordered… I’m convinced they have totally ignored their lessons learned from NW…

So from a NW/Lost Ark view

  1. not enough servers or capacity at launch. Very long wait times

  2. let’s add more servers. Oh wait there are is no transfer function… So no changes on servers

Now from there we can assume looking at AGS previous decisions

Can we get the Devs to add transfers? (I doubt it this time as it’s an established game), but if they did… People transfer and some original servers are too quiet

They then go and merge servers down the road to keep population… So what happens when an expansion comes and everyone just logs back onto a merged server… scenario way worse lol


New servers but no one moves as they have time already on their characters…

New people want populated servers…

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Transfers kill the server economy so its good they do not allow that again.
Whats absurd is the server distribution for EU/SA and how they failed knowing preorder numbers.
Following that comes the absolutly insane idea of still opening servers to F2P even tho with the founders there was already a 5k queue on nearly all EU servers.
In EU we are at the point where i cant run dungeons/raids anymore because i keep getting the message “You cannot do that right now. Please try again later”, not to mention paid items like the aura are not working 50% of the time.

So from what i see its a massive server issue which seems to be once again the incredible incompetence of AGS.
It seems like AGS is having a massive issue in the leader level as this are basic scaling issues.

Atleast i now know to never buy/play a game from AGS again even when they are only the publisher.

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I think a lot of the servers would have been experience an exorbitant amount of queue regardless because they didn’t add language tags to the servers. So the player base started doing that themselves, basically pushing way to many people on a set amount of servers. But yeah, if they’d have more servers at launch maybe it wouldn’t have been as crazy.

Hopefully they, together with Smilegate, figure out something smart. I’m staying hopeful for this.

And no, the game won’t die.

I find this hilarious.

Game is gonna die because there are too many players… High level logic.

Also new world FAILED because the game had no idea what it was. Whoever was in charge of that game had ZERO clue as to what they were doing. Hermaphrodite of a game, combat was fun though A+ on that. It DIED because they didn’t condense the servers quick enough.

This game will be fine it’s still clocking near launch numbers. Expanding servers at this point only days from launch just for the lookie loos would be a very dumb move as the populatio nwill no doubt drop in the coming month.

Crazy how there are always so many people claiming a game is going to die because of expected issues. What game has ever launched without issues…

There was not enough capacity even during early access where only pre-order players could play. No sure how they did their estimates, but they completely missed it.

They had the servers for pre order numbers and then a couple 100k f2p on each region. They had 1.5 million founder pack sales which is probably 800-900k people spread across EU, NA E, NA W, SA servers. They accounted for that with F2P buffers. EU Central had issues on 2 servers pre F2P launch the rest were fine. F2P was literally 3-4x their expectations which is something they can never account for. They are NOT going to make excess servers right at launch and then have those servers die out in a few months, especially with no transfers.

This is not true 2 EU servers had longer then average ques. Because everyone tried to jam onto them. The rest of EU was playable. NA E and NA W were playable, and SA was playable. F2P caused the issue.

One person could buy more packs. So the amount of packs sold isn’t interesting. The amount of people who bought packs is, and we don’t know that number(?).

Don’t get me wrong - At this point it doesn’t matter which EU-Server. (With or without Tag’s)

19.35 UTC+1 Central Europe Server queue:

Neria 16658
Beatrice 9200
Inanna 5437
Kadan 16327
Trixion 21082
Calvasus 13913
Thirain 13812
Zinnervale 15553
Asta 17209
Wei 14001
Slen 11249
Spectrum 8469
Procyon 6771
Thaemine 5400
Sirius 10984
Antares 5844
Breslshhaza 5439
Nineveh 5774
Mokoko 10255

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We do not know that number, but I did 800-900k because no everyone bought more then one, some bought 3, some bought 2.

Yeah all on the same account tho so the information is aquireable quite easily.

On the first 2 days there were only queues on thirain and Asta but on tuesday primetime there were queues on nearly all servers already.

I’m not sure if you were there during the launch, I was. And they added new servers on day 1 of early access and those are the servers that were empty. Original servers had all 10k+ queues. Need to add extra servers during the very first hours of early access just confirms that they did not do their estimates correclty. There are also no Premium and F2P servers, there are just servers which were filled-in during launch locked for a short period of time, and servers which were unlocked during official launch.

Zinnervale has had massive queues since the game went live on head start. :expressionless: And I was stupid enough to open one of my packs. Oh well, that’s on me.

Now it doesn’t even matter what server you play on :stuck_out_tongue: queues are everywhere

Was just talking to friends about this. “Wish I would have chosen another server” What server would that be, 'cause all are at 5-20k queues now. XD

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Yeah same here,
Rebegan for the third time now bringing a character to the upper 20s just to go eat and sit in the next hours long queue…about to give up on it

Don’t give up. Just do other stuff while you queue!

Voilà tout ce que j’ai a dire ce jour sur ce jeu et le file d’attente :face_vomiting:
Amazon va te faire foutre

This is just sad at this point :") At least on Zinnervale almost all of us speaks english xd