Game is in a terrible state, especially for new players

The current state of the game is in rough shape and I’m not really sure how LOA intends to grow in NA unless the plan is to just become one of those small niche games that milks the diehards while sitting in a glorified maintenance mode.

Most PVE islands are dead, weekly reset party finders are all re-clears and busses with zero chill or learning groups (sure you can make your own but no one will join), Blue Crystals are closing in on 900+ gold per 95 making Pheons even more inaccessible, AH is a ghost town even for good stuff.

Someone from AGS should really try grinding out a fresh character to 1415 without swiping and then go and experience Argos P3 and Valtan as a complete newb without paying for bus.


yeh, even in KR Lost Ark is not a friendly game for new players at all. Maybe is more profitable to just keep the existing players (at least for KR, idk about NA since the game doesn’t have that much time yet)

If so. They need to merge servers. Akkan is so damn dead.

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You mean, merge regions since most activities and in-game systems such as AH and Currency exchange are per Region. So if Akkan is ded probably the other servers are ded too.


Man, the game was so good on the first two months. I say that even though I waited 5 hours on queues every single day. A million player, single click to MM button to find players then bam 4/8 players instantly on any content. People were exploring islands and slowly learn the game, enjoying stuff.

Then the “greed” happened. It started with “rushed” Argos release then snowballed. Ruined everything lost around 90% of legit players on the way.

If it was managed properly this coud’ve been the game of the decade.


Unfortunately they seek short term gains and went for it by being greedy. Contents were rushed cause they knew people would feel the FOMO and thus more likely to swipe. Ridiculous system like pheons and quality upgrade are being used cause they are gold sink. Yet, a lie about it being good for the system was sold to players and some people actually believe pheons are good for us! It’s the same type of people who believes the statement, “Hi, I’m part of the government and I’m here to help.”

Anyway, LA could’ve went for long term gain. Customers would have been a lot happier and they would have generated more revenue in the end, the long term but they didn’t. It’s a hit it and quit it strategy.


That would be smart to, to merge regions. I know that Valtan and Mari are always poppin. Streamer servers. Go figure

You’ve just explained corporation and government corruption . Profit now over long term bigger profits and sustainability is the order of the day

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Low effort stuff like skins, small qol monthly with a few major releases such as a new raid a few times a year and a couple class tweaks annually

No effort to bring new players in, a fair amount of effort to cull bots when they get too high for the sake of the existing vets.

It’s insane to expect more from sg/AGS, it’s just never going to happen.

It IS a niche game already and has been for months I’d argue. The plan was never anything more

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I agree. I miss this part of the game. Everyone doing everything now a lot of these islands are empty and bosses and chaos gates are as well it’s super depressing to see. Wish I took my time and enjoyed the world more myself :frowning:

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They took away all the incentives to redo old content, by removing rewards.

Then they handed out powerpasses and stuff for seasoned players, so that they didnt had to actually level a new char.

Then they dont advertise anything that happens within this game, stuff is removed with a 1 day notice or none at all like with the welcome rewards or summoner class. Twitch drops are not mentioned, its just all such a mess with the community management in my opinion.

Needless to say, the community can be very toxic, people that played on RU or KR, want content to fast and make a lot of noise about it. AGS always listens to the loudest, never the smartest and this leads to a huge drop in new players.

We dont need a new raid every month, we need things that are fun to do for everyone playing this game.


What? People got ban for RMT. People quit due to FOMO. People quit due to time gated repetitive daily content. People quit due to random korean style upgrade system. People quit due to gear doing 4 soft resets and paying money to power through 3 of them for passes to be released for free that skip them. People wanted to play classes that never got released until content is on farm. Cant play an artist or summoner in any content because it’s all bussed and overleveled for example. People quit because bots destroyed logins. People quit because of toxic gatekeepers in parties only taking 1490s for 1445 content. Nothing can be done. Its too late for most.


I made basically the same thing echoing your points. I agree and the state of the game will certainly die out at this rate.

There’s no easy solution but sucks

The first thing they need to do is restore the newcomers’ quest that holds newbies’ hands and helps them learn this very deep and complex game and its so many systems and currencies and what-all to become aware of.

Then they need to advertise and promote the game in a new way, to build a new playerbase, call it Playerbase 2.0 if you want, that is brought up right, not expecting a rush-ride to end-game, but to enjoy the story along the way for what it is. This is what builds loyalty to a game: the putting in of hours playing the story - the joys and sorrows, the failures and ultimate exultations when we triumph over the demons.

Players never should have been pushed quickly into the end-game like they were in the first place, but the devs can still save it if they want to. But why do I get the sinking feeling they don’t? They just want to milk the end-game cash cow now and not even try to establish a stable new-player pipeline?

That is a travesty because this is a such an amazing and beautiful game, going largely to waste.


Just what f2p games are for these days. Easy source of micro transactions all over the way.
Not really needed in this game but still alluring enough for players to buy stuff to “progress” faster. That’s why most f2p games never last long and simply end up in maintaining mode. While p2p games get to enjoy a healthier gaming environment.


I agree, I’ve never felt bored till today.

It was a huge mistake that AGS wanted to start the game where KR and RU are at. Yes, a tiny playerbase was active on these realms, but those were a few thousand not hundreds of thousands.

By giving them the content so fast, they pushed away newcomers that did not level in a few days but months. Once those newcomers reached the “endgame” they were refused entry, as they were new.

This just doesnt work and alienates a super important group of players.

The removal of the welcome quest, was a huge mistake as you mentioned, especially since it was mentioned nowhere. I still had some quests to do, like pvp stuff and now? I have absolutely no idea about this content, same applies to other things I didnt do before, but left open for later.


If you are 1490 then you won’t accept 1445 for 1445 content, because you want people who overgear it by a lot so that you can clear it fast and not waste time with 1445.

You can just do your own lobby and accept 1445 people for Valtan HM. I did yesterday Argos P3 with lobby full of 1400 and a few 1415. It took us a while, but did it without wiping and 2 people DC.

I’m sure that there will be a bunch of 1445 eager to jump in, or did you really test it and no one actually joined?

How was Argos rushed? There was literally nothing to do in the game before Argos

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That would be interesting to see numbers - there was nothing to do before Argos for rushers who had roflstomped all the content, but I’m pretty sure a high quantity of people didn’t even reach 1370 yet.

I don’t think Argos’ release was a mistake though. The other two probably.

By going fast to appease the few hardcore players, they allienated the casuals who now have no chance to catch-up, ever.
And by getting rid of casuals, newbies will die off too (nobody to do content with), which will make most of the transversal content die over time, as the only thing that Hardcore players are interested in is the latest Legion Raid available.

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