Game is not P2W and content is NOT releasing too fast

Im a f2p player (payed for 3 char slots and 15 euros for the ark pass thats it) and I managed to have 6 chars prepared for Valtan since the first week.

Its just funny the amount of posts complaining about how expensive is to upgrade or how hard is valtan (when i literally first try killed it 6 times this week).

Anyone that complains about valtan or the difficulty of raising gs is just bad at the game and whining for no reason

Is this a meme post?

Serious question. The way you phrased everything is extremely close to the way people meme about the “f2p btw” posts.

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And now show your Playtime :upside_down_face:

99,9% chance you buy any founder pack, no guy, youre nou f2p :frowning: but, congrats, nice account.

EDIT: Everyone can get to the same place in the game, but not at the same speed. And yes, the game is p2w, however, whoever pay to win, doesn’t win anything.

nop i didnt i started playing a week after game came out

Judging by your roster lvl you pretty much play this like a full time job and more, especially if you are “f2p”.

Weird flex but aight

No no, that roster level doesn’t get you that ilvl :joy:

He’s either one tapping like the craziest person or just trolling :rofl:

6 Character Valtan ready since the first week ? That’s insane. Good job !

F2P or not, it’s still a great achievement.

meme post.
you are not F2P at all.

6 Sorcs kek the power of having your main early. Yes It’s that impactful full motivation and enjoying the game to grind.

Let alone the fact that you’re lying like a MF, 6 sorcs and presumably another 3, man, you’re not normal, like 7 std derivations from normal at least.

If u want to cope like that becuase u are lower gs u can do that.
Oh i also didnt pay gold for a single leapstone i only use bounds.
Its as easy as doing the maths to check :slight_smile:

You can be lucky with 1 single char u cant with 6.
The same way u can be unlucky if u play pvp and lose 5 matches in a row but once u play 100 matches if u have a 5% wr thats not luck thats you.

Please preach about efficiency with super express on your main. F off mate. Low effort bait

If i have 9 chars t3 where do u want me to use the pass? do u want me to not get all the silver/cards/pirate coins or what?