Game is overrun by bots. More actions needed

Im leveling a new character normally and i see bots everywhere I go.
They also camp some quest monsters, maybe for collectibles. I needed to kill a specific mob. There wasnt any other than me. But in the same second the mob spawned a bot charged in and insta killed it. It took me severel attempts before I managed to hit before it was dead.

This is totally destroying the game and also the value of all things most collectibles just cost 1g now, nothing have a value anymore.
But when they make it even harder to do quests its just too much. The way i can see they are bots and the way they move, and run through walls and such. They are everywhere. Im afraid it can end up destroying the game. I have never seen so many bots in a game before.
I see more bots out in the zones than real players.

I hope you will begin to do some serious against those and the users.


Game is also overran by RMT

They know, everyone knows. They cant publicize what they’re doing to mitigate bots in order to avoid botters getting an immediate workaround.

Ok cant see they do anything i think it just get worse every day. But maybe it takes time i dont know. Its just really annoying.

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It is 100% getting worse. Fishing bots were gone after the big bot ban wave and they’ve started showing up at all the old spots again.

Go check your AH and see the price of fish.

It was 1-5 g when bots were everywhere

Ban wave hits and it goes to 20 gold

Last week it’s been steadily dropping and was around 10g last time I looked.

Blue crystals were significantly higher when bots where everywhere and dropped to 300-400 g after the ban wave. I believe those are rising in price again too.

They had a pretty neat solution with the trusted account. But it was only good for 2 weeks since you need 2 weeks to get a trusted status on an account anyways.

After not playing for so long i finally log in and see 20 mfers that look the same running back and forth, this game is heading towards a great future ! 400k+ players which probably more than 200k being bots