Game is randomly freezing and crashing since the update

Before today’s update my game NEVER crashed in 400 hours of gameplay. Now its been 2 times since 20 minutes.

One time I was in Port Kona, doing nothing really
Second time I was in chaos dungeon and I probably lost my got dam ticket on my grind to T3 and for this one I’m malding ngl


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Any error code or anything ?

Yeah I saw the error code for like 2 seconds, need to recrash and I will edit the post

Edit: lol ok fck I think it might be the restart, looks like a crash because they said nothing

Mods dont close the threads it might be not

I also have around the same amount of game play and NEVER crashed either until this update. Now I crash every 5-10 minutes which basically makes it impossible to complete any kind of task. This is such a big problem, PLEASE fix this

Yeah for me it was the reboot, I didnt crashed all day after that

I would suggest to create another thread for your problem

Same problem here, and it started after yesterday update aswell, the game just crash to desktop at random times, sometimes it takes 5 min to crash, sometimes 15 min. its really annoying since i cant compromise with nothing in the game, I already tried possible solutions provided on other threads but nothing worked, please launch a patch to correct this issue

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Me and my friend playing this game since 2015 with NVIDIA [GTX 750 ti](both of us same graph card). For all this time we have never experience game freeze, game crush or computer crash due game. We have this problem since last week. I formatted my windows, redownload game on steam and still have same problem. This problem have to be optimazation problem. (I am a software devoloper and pls dont give me a update advice, i have search for solutions but couldnt find any successful solutions).

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there is no error code. game freezes and only way to play is [end task]

Any update on this? Same happens for me on my PC but not my Laptop.