Game is rapidly falling apart

Overloaded servers from bots

Gold dupes showed up this weekend
(seems to be a visual bug ?)

Bots killing guardians in 5 sec.

Ques broken in game.

RIP Lost Ark.


reminds me of NW, RIP.

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The game is Free to Play guys, we don’t implement any annoying system like 2FA or Trading limit so yall can play it right away.

*Download the game, join a server, sees 12k Queue. :+1:

Wow, this waiting simulator game is awesome. It even has an animated background.

Everything work according to our intention. :+1: Let’s ban more IP


we can’t lock down servers, we need to let new players in, 12k queue btw


Just if someone listened to the cries of NW 2.0

AGS did it again, its amazing how this company survives

money owns everything >> all

At this point I want to see it implodes lol

Its happens to be honest, a game as popular as it is now, it’s bound to have some issues. I’m confident AGS and Amazon will fix this problems and the game more enjoyable for players(not been affected yet by most talked issues being a sweaty f2p player)

Well all it matters is when they fix it. If they fix it when everyone just gets fed up and leaves then there’s no point. They have to fix it coming week and the week after. Some kind of fix that at least lets your normal player play the game.

That was my exact thought. I quit new world on the spot when the gold dupe was discovered, fixed, new one discovered, fixed, and then a new one was discovered again over the course of like 2 days. This game has very obvious QA issues, which are being excessively exasperated by the huge flood of bots. If they don’t get ahead of this quickly lost ark will die just like new world did.

It will be bots killing vykas in 5 seconds soon

ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha, man. Where are the people that defended this game like it was their life ??? like i wanna hear them what their response is when they are waiting in queue and say, this is normal, its a popular game. All real players !!! i wanna inhale that copium gas !!!

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Looks like the dupe is a visual bug only ?

Bots can kill guardians in 5 seconds…? What…?


I agree that something must be done, and quickly. No more soon tm.

It really is a New World 2.0 LMAO

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Business is booming for the gold sellers, @AGS , please continue to nerf gold income for all content. Make sure to keep the prices in youre cash shop as high as possible. None of this will result in driving people over the edge to RMT. Man what amazing choices are made here, just amazing guys. I think you are doing an fantastic job. FANTASTIC, keep up the amazing work guys!! i love you!!