Game is starting to feel like a chore

Fixed that for ya.

For historical purposes dailies didn’t start until a little into WoW’s era with Rep. Originally you could grind Rep till your heart was content. It then extended further into other areas.

WoW was also the first MMO to enforce raid locks. Previously these were simply a spawn window based on the last time a raid enemy was killed. Didn’t matter quite as much since the dungeons were still packed with enemies and drops to get at any point in time.

“Raid” level bosses were also plentiful and more like a bonus that popped up while you were doing stuff in one of many dungeons that had no limitations on their farming.

In most cases it was very much the opposite. ie Twinking.
Eventually your alts catch up to you main and you simply play what is needed in a fight or what you want to play. If you have 5 characters with mostly BiS gear. Play and do whatever you want.

Or you could simply have one character and the best of that character. Min/Max to hell and back with every single charges clickie items and consumables possible.

No its not. In other games (not KR mmorpgs) you dont have to pitty your way to experience endgame content. The real endgame in LA are not the raids.

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Can you please name some of the games as a reference.

No need to do this. ALL other games except korean ones. But in LA its the extreme way. You need to upgrade your gear just for story content too. Otherwise you wont experience it.

EDIT: forget to mention, i mean “honing”, not just collect new gear. :slight_smile: sry

I’m Korean and you failed to provide some examples to support your argument.

Sorry I disagree with what you said. This factor applies to every mmorpgs not just Lost Ark. It’s called progression and “extreme” is subjective. I find World of Warcraft progression much more extreme.

Oh yes. Honing, enhancement, upgrade, reforging whatever the hell they call it. Gear to gear upgrade is extreme in Korean games. Meanwhile Gear to great replacement (like drop loot) are more common in Western games.

I never had to gamble to progress in WoW.

Uhm, in WoW, Rift, ESO, SWTOR, GW2 and all other big MMORPGs you dont have to pitty your way to the endgame. Here you have to collect new gear, which is great, but also you have to hone it up with horrible chances to experience endgame.

You know what i mean? Or im in the need of listing 100 other mmorpgs for you now? Which will be a long list. ^^

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I meant gear progression. Not gambling.

Never had to care about gear progression in WoW, that would just get master-looted as would best benefit the group.

You know, I played WoW since Burning Crusade through Shadowlands and, it’s actually worse. I see the bosses are a loot box. The only difference is you pay your real money or not. The method of you getting an item is just as same as another. I think WoW is much worse because there is no pity(sometimes they do in a form of token but less effective gear). I had spent hours and hours days and days sometimes more than a month just get a single BIS item because no luck. In some cases I got the item when the higher ilvl equipment released which my BiS is no longer BiS. I actually prefer this game over WoW. Don’t get me wrong WoW is a great game but I’m so done with the core system of the game.

The method of getting gear may be the same. But the fact, you need to collect your gear AND hone your way to new endgame content exists in an extreme way in LA. And thats my point.

For me its ok, otherwise i wouldnt play LA. But above you stated: Its like in every other MMORPG which is not true.

Lost arks gameplay loop is there on purpose.
The thing that changes is the classes. you expierence the gameplay loop from different builds and classes and this makes the game extremely fun, people who only play one class will not enjoy lost ark and should break out of that 1 trick shell.

I say this as a 17 year hunter only player in wow and a diamond ezreal 1 trick player on over 20 accounts in league of legends. this game is not for one tricks and you need alts to fully enjoy it. myself have 4 alts of dif classes that i really enjoy playing and will make more when i find classes i like.

100% agree. :+1:

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When I started to feel like this, I’d take 2-3 days off. Then I came back and 1 day of dailies was worth 2x as much mats. Felt good, and more enjoyable. As time passes, AGS and SG will release more easier ways to “catch up”. You actually save time in the long run NOT playing the game.

Was the collecting hard? It is nothing compare to what’s in WoW. I hardly put any effort into it LOL.

So in conclusion every game has a “chore” the level of tolerance is subjective. If you like Lost Ark chores that’s fine, if you like other games chore better that’s fine too.

Whole game is a chore simulator with FOMO sprinkled in so that you feel compelled to keep playing.

“I don’t really wanna play anymore, but if I stop logging in I lose my daily log in. I lose honing materials. I lose my weekly lockout of raid loot.”

This game is literally designed like Genshin Impact, a mobile game.


Engagement metrics!

i miss those days. WOW gave so many memories