Game is stuttering like crazy

Thanks for reaching out @Eulah. Unfortunately, your solution did not resolve the issue at all. My rig far surpasses the recommended settings so I’m enclined to believe this is not hardware related. I never had those stuttering issues in RU at all.
I tried turning back to DX9, putting all settings to Low, disabling V-Sync, to no avail.

Based on my own testing in Beta Summer/Fall 2021 and at this Release, turning off your Area and Loot chat will fix the stuttering. Seems to be a bug that didn’t get fixed for launch.

See How To Fix Lost Ark Stutters - If Lost Ark Is Stuttering On Release Watch This Video! - YouTube for example.

Loot chat also causes micro stutters??

It’s better but the stutter is still there. I can’t find a way to completly remove it.

Just to verify, you’re using Fullscreen and not borderless - correct?
Additionally if you have a HDR monitor, turn HDR off as this also causes stutter.

yep on fullscreen.
I do have dell dgf 2721 g-sync monitor and Smart HDR is already on “off” so thats not it.

lol got the same monitor so we share the issue.

I have a Dell S2716DG monitor with G-sync, play in full screen and get stutters any time my fps drops, even if it drops by only 1-2 fps moving around the map. Game is just overall very stuttery, reinstalling helped but didn’t get rid of most of the stutters.

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Yeah I don’t know.
11900k, 32GB 3600mhz RAM,3080TI Suprim X, installed on a 1 TB 980 PRO

If this system isn’t qualified for Lost Ark I better upgrade soon :smiley:

I would say that my stutter is better than it was in the last beta. But it’s far from playable. No fun at all. Especially the stutter when it’s loading things? Everytime a player comes into view my game stutters. Everytime I hit a loading zone it stutters. It’s crazy.

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Had similar issues in New World, ESO etc.

Turned out to be mouse polling rate and Windows not liking rates above 500mhz. I moved to Win11 - same problem, rolled back to 10 same problem. As soon as mouse software was installed problem appeared. Eventually lowering polling rate to 250 fixed it… Could recreate every time I raised the rate again.

Something to try anyway :+1:

It’s the engine the game uses thats not qualified to use your system.The engine should have been thrown in the garbage 5 years ago.
The thing was in its deathbed when the 980 came out and most enthusiast gamers had 4 core 4 threads cpu’s and ppl used mostly HDD’s at the time.

I expected as much. But can’t say for sure if it’s exactly the problem here.

Just so you know Unreal engine games are known to have asset load stutter.
What do you get when you have ppl loading in and out constantly?Just saying.
FYI even unreal4 has this specific asset load issue.

It’s the game.

I noticed it in Days Gone. So it’s not rly news to me.

I just don’t understand how I can play on the Russian servers for months without one dropped frame and now for our version it’s constantly stuttering. Really frustrating.

Yeah I have the same issue. It was silky smooth on RU servers but I am studdering like crazy right now. It is almost unplayable for me.

It is impossible to play any content that is even remotely difficult at the moment.

This needs more attention for sure. The constant stutters are really ruining the game experience. I could understand if there were like quick fixes you could do, like lower some settings a bit, or anything, but here, nothing is working which adds more frustration.

The issue is incredibly obvious in Tortoyk Heart dungeon for example. I run smoothly for 1 second, then you can clearly see the fps drop and the background being “stretched out” somehow for 1 second, then it’s smooth again for 1 second and so on. This is incredibly annoying and ruins my experience of the game. Please address this issue ASAP.

Edit: I looked upon it and it’s called screen tearing it seems. I managed to mitigate the problem by going back to DX9, turning Vsync on and setting max FPS to 60 in Nvidia control panel.

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