Game is unplayable - take it down

Take it down before it requires more resources to fix and apply tickets and compensation than worth leaving it up.

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LoL you really they going to give you tickets back for all the content lost…

They clearly don’t give a shit, it’s now been 24 hours of unstable servers and they still don’t give a single fuck.

Ya we still didnt get compensation for chaos dungeon rest bonus bug

Slid that under the table

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Today the game is impossible to play, every 15 mins dc.

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Even less than that on Avesta server. We cant do Valtan… Impossible…

DC’d maybe 30 mins ago, got back on, tried to do 2 quick Kunga’s 2 people DC’d so we waited a few mins for them to join back, after Kunga got DC’d again, and while getting DC’d to the menu, got the error that the account was already logged in and closed the game. Oh and was DC’ing multiple times yesterday and still no fix. Love this

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How many times have you received compensation over the last months when things didnt go right?

Are you guys deaf,blind or what?

Just because they dont have an asnwer to your problems ASAP, doesn’t mean they ignore you.

Yes it sucks to have the servers at such a state, but you guys generalise everything and go on a full attack mode, can you be patient? Nobody likes the current issue nor SG, nor AGS nor the players.


We did actually it was the exilirs which give resonance they gave 2 pots despite reports of all alts losing full rest bonus meters.

Because that is “fair”

aren’t you the same guy who says nothing is wrong with servers and it’s a user problem?

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Had dc issues yesterday, tried to get on this morning hoping it would be better… but it was still dcing me and others… very frustrating to play atm and do things.

The post where i said nothing is wrong was BEFORE the maintenance, i never had any issues before that and other people agreed on that post.

The issue came after the maintenance. (further proves my point that you can’t read when i posted my response).

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The problem was everyone recieved it, even those who were not affected. Im not surprised though. The staff prob has a lack of knowledge on how to distribute to only those affected

No they knew they just do not want to give a lot of compensation because then it is expected every time.

What they are not realizing is that the compensation should be increased with the continuous screw ups with every patch.

thats how compensation it works in every game, you can track millions of users activities and its not worth the effort
the only lack of knowledge here is yours

Why you guys even play if you know the servers are broken???

Not from the games i come from where it is well ran.

Bandai only compensates those affected in their mobile game

Cause we truly love this game… Ive never seen such a great game in my programmer life…

Go and play Undertale. Then you know what a grate game is!
Especially as a programmer

Square Enix compensates EVERYONE.

Lol that game has nothing of value