Game is virtually unplayable right now

Server: Una & Multiple Others

Ever since the maintenance on April 28th, we have had black screens before the actual load screen on Una. Since the patch yesterday, and the start of today, the load screen times have increased 10 fold, if not more. They used to be only a couple of seconds, now they are nearing the point of two minutes. These load screens are for all type of content, ie, whenever you change zones at all.

I will attach two images that show the stopwatch on my phone, from the load screen times to load into Night Fox Yoho, and to load back into Punika. For reference, the “Lap 1” time indicates how long the black screen is shown, and the “Lap 2” time indicates the actual load screen with the blue bar across the bottom.

The 1:39 time was how long it took to load into the Yoho instance, and the 1:47 was loading back into Punika.

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It’s the new world effect

Appreciate the reports, teams are looking into this across affected servers


im assuming thousand of bot doing chaos dungeon spam, make load server are heavy


Hey Roxx! Thank you for the fast reply, I greatly appreciate all of the crowd control you and the other CM’s do. However, after looking through the forums, I haven’t found a concrete answer, but has the server capacity limits been lowered? I logged in about 5 minutes ago into the Una world to a 4k que. The only other time I have had a que on this server was on the open release of the game.

Thank you for any additional responses ahead of time.

This isn’t a solution.

I marked it as a solution, Roxx did not. And frankly, yes it is. The issue has been acknowledged, and is out of her control now as a Community Manager. The problem has been forwarded to the Dev’s.

WHO’s we?

Bots roxx. The bots need taken care of. If there’s no permanent solution then we need ban waves weekly. It’s ruining the game.

Absolutely this. Probably a solid 60% of the accounts logged into the servers at any given time are bots. If you go into lower level zones, they’re like a plague of locusts.

VPN ban is a start, but you need to ban the entire range of IP addresses used by mainland China if you want to have even the slightest positive impact on the game.

Or the devs could sell gold at so low of a price that it’s no longer very profitable for the botfarms to sell it.


They need to have some devs/gm’s positioned on lower level areas where the swarm of bots are located and ban them.

That is not a solution.
Are you aware of what the word means?
People like you thanking for nothing are why we are getting nothing in the first place.

What is the solution? Looking into it?
If you ask a doctor what the solution to your disease is and he’s looking into it are you just going to pay and leave?