Game issue ? no, amazozn bad

The dc bug does not exist in Korean servers. This is Amazon’s problem. Amazon servers are the problem, and Amazon itself is the problem.

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Yes, everyone knows they have problems, but they’re the only ones who think they’re good.

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No, not true. AWS is fine
The issue is Easy Anti-Cheat, plain and simple
Easy Anti-cheat and korean spaghetti code don’t play nicely together.
EAC has to go but AGS/SGR are too pig-headed to accept the reality of the situation and how detrimentally bad EAC is

Smilegate create the patches for the diffrent version.

Korean version and the western version havnt alot common tbh

i mean see it like that.

If a car manufacturer creates a car there are versions for right and left drivings ( same model)

if the left lane version has failures through some components which are related to that version
it does not mean in other countries the right one has that problem

but its still from the same manufacturer and Factory

so blaming the retailer could be too easy

im not saying its not AGS fault , but im also not saying its not Smilegates fault , because noone of us knows what relates to it and who has the idiot who did that mistake

we can blame the Managers for bad handling. thats for sure

Is the anti-cheat you’re talking about recently introduced? Don’t talk nonsense.

all of the errors are to do with EAC
AGS have even admitted it
The game sticking open last weekend? The fix that put out for that was within EAC, therefore it’s an EAC issue
Also yes the same error codes have been seen by many people since release

also as im typing this to you

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So why is it related to anti-cheat? Steam used another Easy Anti-Cheat a few months ago?

brah are you serious right now?
you know what EAC is right?
It’s easy anti cheat

the fact that EAC keeps throwing errors is the reason why the disconnects happen

I mean it could be due to the totally unoptimized game throwing a metric shit ton of crap at everything and then not being able to get responses quick enough.

But fact remains we are the ONLY region to have EAC
and the ONLY region to have these ongoing issues constantly since release.
therefore EAC is the problem.

I don’t know how i can make it much clearer to you.


So EAC has had Dc bugs since its release?

go google the error codes and search the forums you will find them since FEBRUARY 22

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I’ve never experienced a single am i weird? It’s a bug that few people have encountered. The current bug is the bug that most people suffer from.

dont worry we have same problems with EAC dc-ing

AGS best Game Studio :joy: wohoo

I never had the issue until a month ago

Friend of mine in Sweden had the issue for 2 months and in the end gave up playing the game, every time he would try and login he’d get EEAC errors and server not available messages, reboot his machine and it would be fine for a day

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EAC is a service. They upgrading it and the game too.
I think the game and EAC are not so friendly with each other nowadays and its throwing error.

We had problems with EAC from the start. Its slowing the game af.

So what am I not experiencing such bugs?

exacly even with eac there is alot bots so keep this is usless amzn throw this shit eac

EAC slowing the game for everybody from the start. I played on RU and it was so much faster and smoother.

The DC problem was not a thing for me in the past but my friends it was. They had problem with EAC. Not this much like now but there was problem with it.

I think EAC got some update and there are some conflict with the game so its just crash and thats when you get DC but Its just a speculation.

I dont know why EAC is needed. The game heavily bot infected from the start. The only thing this sh*t is doing that slowing the game.

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