Game keeps crashing after todays maintaince

hi, mi game keeps crahing after around 10 minutes of being log in, donst matter what character or activity im doing. It didnt happen before mainteance

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Hello Fangcery,

Welcome to the Lost Ark’s Forums.

I really appreciate you’re communicating to us about this issue.

For this issue you can follow this troubleshooting related with the third party program EasyAntiCheat that is linked within Lost Ark:

  1. Open Lost Ark in your Steam Library.
  2. Right click on Lost Ark’s list title and then Go to Settings < Manage < Browse Local Files.
  3. Open the EasyAntiCheat folder.
  4. Run as administrator EasyAntiCheat_Setup executable file.
  5. Make sure in the drop-down within EasyAntiCheat Service Setup Lost Ark or Current Game is the selected game.
  6. Press Repair Service.
  7. After this process verify Steam Integrity Check files:
  1. Restart your Computer.

Also, please make sure the Internet Protocol Version 6 (tcp/ipv6) is disable:

  1. Open Windows settings.
  2. Go to your Network&Internet section.
  3. Click Change Adapter Settings.
  4. Right-click your connection (It can be either LAN or WIFI adapter) and go to Properties.
  5. Scroll down in the menu until you found the option Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
  6. Uncheck the box next to it and restart your computer.
  7. After this process verify Steam Integrity Check files:
  1. Re-launch Lost Ark.

Finally, setup this launching codes within Lost Ark:

  1. Select Lost Ark in your Steam Library.
  2. Right click and select ‘Properties’.
  3. In the pop-up chart copy and paste this launching codes:
    -novsync -notexturestreaming -useallavailablecores

Please let us know as soon as possible if after these troubleshooting the problem persists.

Thanks for all your feedback and specially your patience. :man_mage: :small_blue_diamond:

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yes, it seems doing what you described fixed my issue, Thanks you so much!

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I’m really happy to hear it worked for you Fangcery,

Thank you so much for sharing you were able to fixed it and I wish you safe travels in Arkesia. :world_map:

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