Game keeps crashing for 3 weeks now

I keep getting can’t connect to server error message for the past 3 weeks now. I uninstalled the client and reinstalled. I reset my network adapter, and router on my home network, still nothing. Im not sure what to do anymore.


Have a check if any errors pops up, I asume you could ask and make a ticket to Amazon. With their skills they can see what goes wrong.

They do require some more information, but they will tell you step by step.

Hey @markjordan71 hope you’re doing awesome and a warm welcome to the forums!

I’m really sorry for this situation you experienced with your game crashing, please try the following steps, restart the game and let me know how it goes:

As well if you’d like to try what @InochiEsDi said you can go to this link to escalate the situation, appreciate the help!

Hope it’s helpful and see you on Arkesia!

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Same situation since valtan release. I got disconnected right after raid was cleared or raid was stopped. I’m sure someone has the same issue. Waiting for a resolution

Hey @tiffc hope you’re great!

Let me know if you already attempted the steps posted above?

Let me know if the issue persists, hope it’s useful!

None of these methods work. I waited in 4k to 8k queue. It will kick me off about 10-15 mins into the game. I noticed my network losing connection to my internet, but my internet is fine. I have other devices on my network that work fine. I am connected via Ethernet cable. Not sure what else to do…I’ve gotten various of error messages.

Ye. Me and my boyfriend live together playing in the same raid and I got disconnected and he did not. And they are saying it’s my internet problem. Sometimes he can hold for me to get back on to get reward. But as his ilevel is lower I have to do matchmaking most of times and sh.t happened. :sweat_smile:

Hey @markjordan71 how’s it going?

I do want to apologize for this problem, let me know if the following steps are of assistance:

  1. Perform a Restart.
  2. Run Steam With Administrator Privileges.
  3. Verify the Integrity of Lost Ark’s Game Files on Steam.
  4. Disable IPv6 on Your Windows PC.
  5. Switch Up Your DNS Settings.
  6. Utilize the Command Prompt to Run a Series of Network Troubleshooting Steps.

Let me know how it goes, hope it’s helpful.

Have a nice day!

Hey @tiffc hope you’re doing great!

I’m really sorry for this situation you experienced being disconnected. Please refer to the links and information posted above for further assistance!

the last two days were great.
im starting to disconnect again. says can’t connect to server, and says my internet is out for a couple seconds and comes back. done 1-6 multiple times now.

really??? twice now. yesterday nothing…its 945 am. this twice smh.

happening again all night just now. same error message. happening more frequently.

I’ve lost 2 chaos dungeon raids. I’ve also lost a chaos gate map because of these random disconnects. Is there a different fix for this? I connect back only to get disconnected again and unable to claim maps and finish chaos dungeons. The chaos dungeon timer runs out and thinks I did not clear it. @Legumi

Lost drops to an Aira’s oculus run on my alt just now.
Yea im done playing raids. I’m losing all my weekly drops. @Legumi

Hey @markjordan71 hope you’re doing very well and I do apologize for the long time to reply.

I’m really sorry this situation with the game crashing persisted for some time, as of now does this issue still bothers you? Please let me know.

If it does below you can find some other troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure that your computer isn’t downloading Windows updates, other games, etc. Performing tasks that involve downloading updates can drastically decrease your computer’s available bandwidth.
  • Identify if others in your household are running high bandwidth applications like video streaming, or online gaming. Closing high bandwidth applications or turning off high bandwidth devices may reduce latency.
  • Make sure your system clock is set to the correct time. To learn more about setting your time and time zone, go to Microsoft Support.

As well please tell me if you’ve attempted anything else so we can see what other steps to take to solve this if the steps above don’t work. Once again I sincerely apologize for the delay, have a nice day!