Game lags when you die

I don’t know why, but when I die the exact moment when I receive the last hit the game freezes for a second.


Hello @Dreamstatex :wave:

How are you doing today? :smiley:

I am sorry that the game is lagging when you receive the last hit, this is surely unusual.

I would recommend you to verify steam files integrity once and check if problem persists. If it does, then the next step would be to Reset your Graphics card settings to default.

Let me know which graphics card are you using so I can provide the relevant steps for the same.

Do let me know the status once you check all of this. I’ll be waiting for your response.

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Hello, thank you for the response. I’m doing as well as I can be climbing the PvP ladder :smiley: How are you?

I’ve heard this from a couple of people around me as well. I will verify the files after my session today. I am running a Geforce 1080. I don’t know if this help at all, but this use to happen on my main and it stopped, but now it happens on my alts very odd indeed. I know I don’t die because of the lag, but it adds to the frustration :slight_smile:

same here, from 29/03/2022. no more problem before this date.

Every time i’m going to die in pvp, the game freeze for ~2 sec, & m respawn with ~2sec left on the timer.

Running 1080ti too, config & other hardware ok sure 100%.
No graphic card update from some week.

[edit] verify integrity fix it at the moment for me. hope it will stay

Same for me since the game released. I have everything updated and verifying steam files after game updates etc. I have a 6900 XT gpu so it can’t be a 1080ti issue or gpu model related somehow.

this problem is still present. Check integrity on steam solve the problem just for some hours.
I have any corrupt files problem on my M2, only happens on lost ark …

yep happens to me too and to all my friends playing the game aswell. its 100% games fault.

I’ve done this integrity check via steam and issue still occurs.