Game makes my entire pc randomly crash for no reason

Recently I’ve bought an amd graphics card, the MSI MECH rx 6750 xt 2X OC more exactly. I’ve been playing this game since release without any issues but since I upgraded my GPU randomly while playing lost ark the entire pc crashes like 2 times a week, screen freezes and the sound of the game get’s locked on 2 frames or so, after that the pc won’t respond and the only thing I can do it’s to just restart everything and open it again hoping I can play a few days before the next crash happens. It happens most of the times on raids like Brel, Vykas and sometimes on chaos dungeons.

Currently I’m using the latest amd drivers the 22.11.2 and I’ve testet everything… using the stable drivers 22.5.1 (didn’t work), installing only drivers, minimal install, full install, etc… nothing worked so far for me… On some threads from reddit people say that it could be a problem of external hardware accelerated programs like browsers or discord, I switch off all the hardware acceleration options of those programs but still encountering this random crash, also I tryed disabling MPO on registry but still it didn’t work for me.

I’m writting this post trying to get some help before considering the option of returning to NVIDIA GPU, I’ll add the specs of my pc here:

Screen: Lenovo G24qe-20 100hz (tryed display port and hdmi)
Motherboard: H410M S2H
CPU: Intel i5-10500
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 PC4-25600 16GB 2X8GB (I’m not using xmp profiles)
GPU: MSI MECH rx 6750 xt 2X OC

The thing is that I’ve never encountered any problems on other games, it’s only happening on Lost ark.

Motherboard: b550f gaming
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
RAM: RAM G.SKILL Trident Z Royal 32 gb 3200mhz
GPU: XFX Speedster MERC 319 AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT

I had the same issue u have been having anything after 22.5.1 driver would completely crash my pc , it could be minuts , it could be days , tried everything …i saw the same solutions u saw on reddit but without a fix , i have been over 2 weeks now without a single crash , stock settings everything… , disabled mpo , disabled hardware acell both discord and chrome and it has not crashed for weeks .

The fix for me was wiping and going back to win10 i dont know if its ur case but for me a complete wipe did the job for me being in the latest driver aswell 22.11.2. The only thing that happens now is a micro stutter whenever i fullscreen smth and it goes back to normal

Hope i could help

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Tnx for the reply Floeaper, I’m currently running windows 10 but If no one else gives some advice I’ll try reinstalling windows 10 like you suggest.

I missed some info on my first post that could be useful: In the game I tryed directx 9 / directx 11, windowed and borderless and also didn’t work, my settings in game are maxed out with all cheked and with quality priority on the automatic optimization.

Also my screen has a resolution of 2560x1440, resizeBAR is enabled and AMD Adrenaline recognizes it.

I would like to know if other users owning an amd gpu experienced something similiar, thanks guys.

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Hi everyone thanks for reporting this issue! I’m moving the thread over to the English-speaking “bug report” section for more visibility, thank you! :slight_smile:


DDU (Display Driver Uninstall) your current driver and downgrade to

Google how to do it. It’s just this game and the 6000 GPU series from AMD.

Everyone has this problem. Do not wipe your computer.

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Thanks for your reply heartyace, now I know that there are many users with AMD based gpu’s having the same issues specially the 6000 gpu series. I’ll read the thread you linked to see how others do on this matter.

About your solution, in my particular case, I’ve been using DDU everytime I get my screen completely frozen. As I mention in my initial post, I’ve tried 22.5.1 many times now, and many variants of the installation process as well (minimal install, only driver, and full install) but for me I keep encountering that same issue… Playing for a while and then entire pc just randomly crashes in the middle of a chaos dungeon or an important raid forcing me to restart or shut down.

I understand that some users of amd gpu’s could resolve their issues downgrading their drivers to 22.5.1 but in my particular case ain’t working.

I feel like there’s something fishy with the game and the 6000 amd gpu’s hope we can get some insight from the dev team or any help at all.

As I said thanks for your reply, now I’m aware that this isn’t a particular case as I see your linked thread.

You need to use the “full” DDU solution in safe mode. Completely remove the old drivers. That’s what the DDU is for. Any trace of the old drivers will cause the freeze. It happen to me too before I ddu’d it. But that’s the best advice I can give.

Happened again today, are the devs going to say anything about this topic? Or are they going to keep ignoring this issue?

I’m hopeless at this point.

They sent me this yesterday.
They’re working on a fix apparently.

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Awesome news! hope they can find a fix for all of us!

Is your problem fixed?
Haven’t crashed in like a week now.

Sorry for the late reply, but for me it’s been a while since the last crash, I don’t want to conclude the whole thing since it might be too early to say this problem is fixed, but yeah I’m not crashing now.

Any crashes yet ? And do you run the game on DX11 ?

No, 0 crashes so far for me seems like it might be solved also I’m using dx11.

I use dx9 to not get any crashes. Scared to switch to dx11 :slight_smile:

Had no crashes for like 2 weeks, getting them again. z_z

I tried before using dx9 but performance was awful, literally getting half frame rate on Punika on the honing area where people gather.

Currently I’m using Adrenaline 22.11.2 and I installed the minimal install (not only drivers and not full install) this, to me seems to be the most stable, I’m getting the benefit of better performance due to the new drivers and no crashes at all.

I just crashed once but was forcing everything trying to see if I got rid of them. The crash was while being on full screen, alt tabling to discord, sharing screen, tabing back to the game and then crashed.

If I don’t share my screen or watch any shared screens, I’m good. No crashes.

At least is what worked for me, also recently I’ve found some info of a moders drivers, the amernime drivers for AMD gpu’s I would like to test those, but since for me now that it’s kinda working I’m scared of screwing up something, seems like they implemented some direct x optimizations.

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I limit game fps to 100, I don’t see much difference because of it. If it doesn’t effect your gameplay smoothness, like a lot of slow downs occurs etc. then no need to insist on dx11. At higher frame rates probably going to show itself. But 100 and below imo there is just no difference. May be a bit low fps are lower than dx11.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m playing with a 2560x1440 resolution, maxed settings and with an rx 6750 xt + i5 10500 so, most of the times game runs at 100 fps (at my monitors max refresh rate) sure, but on crowded areas that has never been the case where things like just standing still on Punika’s honing area drops frame rate to 80~90, also on chaos dungeons and inside raids like Brel, the best example of this is on Caliligos where the frame rate drops to low 40, all this is using dx 11, if I switch to dx 9 believe me, there’s a ton of difference with my configuration and with the specs of my PC, perhaps your PC is way more powerful than mine, or perhaps you are using a smaller resolution, that could explain that you are not seeing any differences between dx9 and 11.
Anyways, use whatever works the best for you, of course.


Direct x 11 - Punika honing area (low crowded) - 100 fps

Direct x 9 - Punika honing area (low crowded) - 40 fps

so, a no go for me.